Marlene & Stephanie – Founder of NIED Berlin

We are Marlene and Stephanie, living in Berlin. Since we are close friends and flatmates we spent a lot of time together, trying to figure out what could support an individuals well-being and independence, no matter where, no matter when.

While working as a bartender many girls been asking Marlene weird questions, like:
Do you have a hair tie for me?
Could you give us something to fix this dress?
My nail is broken, do you have a nail file?

The list goes on...

One day Stephanie ran into her room saying: "why do we never have everything we need with us? There should be a solution for this, which can be carried around, everywhere, anytime". That's how it all started.

One year later, in November 2021, we are the happiest to announce that we finally realized our dream, starting our own business together. NIED Berlin

 independence & well-being - everywhere, anytime.

The NIED Kit is supposed to be your daily companion. Day or night. Uni, work or party. It doesn´t matter where, neither when. You can take it wherever you wanna go, planned or spontaneously. 

Having very diverse backgrounds (psychology & gastronomy, business & fashion) we can assure the NIED Kit is indeed highly needed. 
Feel free to follow us on Instagram @niedberlin and join us during the exciting adventure of building our own business. 
Your support is everything we NIED.
Let’s enjoy life together, be nice and support each other - in every possible way.