NIED Kit (incl. all 14 items)

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The NIED Kit is your handbags daily companion. Within the length of an Iphone max and lightweight – it contains 14 products to support your daily life.

All you NIED – in 15x9x6cm

Kit is handpicked in Berlin.

  1. Toothpaste Marvis Orange Blossom Bloom (made in Italy)
  2. Clothing Mist Simple Goods – inhibits bad smells with natural bacteria (made in Denmark)
  3. Lipbalm recycled plastic (made in Germany)
  4. Toothbrush Bamboo eco-friendly
  5. Comb Bamboo eco-friendly
  6. Glass Bottle empty (for your individual cremes, make-up remover, contact lense liquid, etc.)
  7. Nail File
  8. Mirror
  9. Jewelry/Laundry Bag Satin
  10. Hair Tie Satin
  11. Plaster x2
  12. Fixing Pin x2
  13. Hair Pin x2
  14. Glasses wipe
  15. For your safety: Mini contact card including German emergency numbers (not a product, but a must-have)
  16. Empty space for whatever you NIED (e.g. tampons, pills, perfume samples, keys, condom, etc.)